Fhck, a brainfuck interpreter written in Haskell

If you haven’t heard of brainf*ck, you should check it out, because it’s probably the coolest programming language of them all! Also, probably one of the simplest… That’s why I decided to write an interpreter for it.

This is the product of about 3 days of work, give or take, but the sessions were long and I put a lot into it. If you’re a Haskeller reading this, please feel free to critique it (I’m sure it could be improved in many places)! If you’re not, please feel free to check it out anyway! I encourage everyone to play around with brainfuck a little bit because it’s actually a lot of fun. If you’re not familiar with the language, a quick look through brainfuck’s Wikipedia page should help you to understand what’s going on in brainfuck (it’s not too complex).

With the interpreter, you can write a file, say thisisbf.b, containing the classic “Hello, world!” brainfuck program directly from the wikipedia page:


and pass it to the interpreter: on Windows:

$ build\windows\fhck.exe thisisbrainfuck.b

or Linux (or presumably Mac OSX, though I haven’t tried):

$ build/linux/fhck hisisbrainfuck.b

…and it should print Hello, world! to your console.

Download link/source is located here: fhck Enjoy!