Announcing Trash Kings

I’m working on a tile laying game! It’s called Trash Kings. Here’s the premise:

It’s drop-off day at the dump. As a scavenging rodent, you must do what ever it takes to earn your claim over the wealth of new garbage. Will you gather the best waste and earn the title of Trash King?

Here’s what the prototype looks like:

In Trash Kings, players place tiles on an expanding board in order to create and claim mounds. Players will gain points based on mounds they claim throughout the game. The player with the most points at the end wins!

The game draws a lot of inspiration from Carcassonne, but there are a few mechanics that make it feel unique. In Trash Kings, you have the option of swapping tiles around on the game board in order to create areas to control.

Certain configurations of tiles prevent other players from swapping out important tiles on the game board, and using these is the key to beating out your opponents. Also, the way the game is scored during and at the end of the game differs, necessitating the use of multiple strategies during the course of the game.

You can download the rulebook here, and a print & play version of the game here.

Trash Kings is very much a work in progress. Every time I have played it (with my wife, or alone as multiple players) I tweak something about it. I’m open to any and all feedback, which can be sent to [email protected] or left as a comment on this blog post.