External Stuff

I realized this morning that I don’t have links to any of this external-but-relevant stuff anywhere on the site, and I want to change that just to keep everything in one place!

Last year, I wrote a guest post on Stack Overflow’s hiring blog about my preferred technical interviewing strategy. You can read about the project walkthrough technique here.

I have a YouTube channel! I ran a series called “Breakfast Bash” here containing little blurbs about basic computer science concepts. There’s also a three hour Haskell workshop VOD put together by me and Matt Parsons. You can see that here.

I gave a talk at the Developers of Athens Meetup Group about Lockhart’s Lament and how it applies to programming. The slides are here; I would love to give this talk again to a larger crowd.

That’s all for now! Just some stuff I wanted to consolidate.